Gagauz Respublikası / Gagavuzya Cumhuriyeti

The Gagauz Republic was an unrecognised state that separated from the Moldavian Soviet Socialist Republic after the dissolution of the Soviet Union, but later peacefully joined the Republic of Moldova after being de facto independent from 1990 to 1994.

On 12 November 1989, the special congress of representatives of the Gagauz people was held in which the Gagauz Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic was proclaimed within the Moldavian SSR. The next day abolished the Special Congress decisions, while calling them unconstitutional.

The Gagauz Republic was established on 19 August 1990, when they declared independence from the Moldavian SSR. Two days later, the Presidium of the Supreme Council of the Moldavian SSR held an emergency meeting, and a decision was reached to declare the republic illegal and the congress unconstitutional. A detachment of Moldovan volunteers and police units were sent to Gagauzia to quell the dissidence, but the arrival of Red Army soldiers prevented bloodshed.

In December 1994, on the basis of agreements reached by the Gagauz Republic and the Republic of Moldova, a document on the peaceful integration of Gagauzia with autonomous rights was signed. The integration was carried out from December 1994 to June 1995, when the Gagauz Republic legally dissolved and became the Autonomous Territorial Unit of Gagauzia.